Why not?

We always tend to find reasons for everything, why do you choose this instead of that or even the famous question we try and make when changes happen “why did this happen to me?”.

But maybe we should not ask ourselves that much “why?” and, in its place, just ask ourselves “what for?” which would be definitely more helpful 🙂

Some might say that everything happens for a reason, something I completely agree. However, the aim of my first post is to admit I don’t have any reasons and I want to write this blog, just for the sake of it. Just because I want to enjoy writing it, because all those stupid inspiring little things that happen in my life can’t be forgotten without being mentioned somewhere, because I want you to enjoy reading it and because “sharing is caring” so maybe this exchange of words with the world makes us learn things from each other.

Right, I wasn’t looking for “reasons” but there we go, I’ve just listed 4 of them… 😉