The bright side of life

Today I learnt a new lesson. Life was my teacher. Again.

I booked my flight tickets to go home for holiday. Everything normal there, except for when I paid my tickets and they took my money from my bank account, they didn’t send me the confirmation email of the booking. That was the moment when I started panicking.

I made myself an expert of the airline, had a look at the telephone numbers to call them, find a way to email them, but everything seemed to be against me. They would keep me waiting in vain for an answer in the telephone, charging me a lovely extra fee, just in case I wasn’t annoyed enough… 

So, basically, in the end, I had two options:

            1 keep stressing even if I couldn’t make anything else but wait for their answer to my email thinking my day is screwed or

            2 have a nap (yes, I know, very Spanish…), just keep doing things,  with a bad mood, but well, let’s give a chance to their efficiency 😉

So obviously I pushed myself to go to the gym (I even treated myself with some sauna today, just for the stressed suffered) and hey ho when I was leaving the gym the confirmation email arrived! 🙂

After then, the sun was shining at the end of the day and I even found some courgettes that I needed in offer at the supermarket! Life started to be beautiful again! 🙂

Therefore, first of all, we should try (me the most!) to be patient, shi* happens and we need to leave the master Time to work and fix it for us. Second of all “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” so in the case that this happens to you, guys, I swear I have learnt something from it and I’ll be there to tell you “don’t you worry, I once had this problem as well and…” 

Finally, last but not least, things in life happen, because that is how it works. Sometimes we can avoid them, but most of the times, they are not under our control. So the only difference we can make, is how we react when they happen, and I promise that is a huuuuge difference.

Consequently, I cheer you up to use this knowledge with any of your life experiences and always surround yourself by people that are very calm and relaxed, just in case all that I have just told you does not work…