Someday is not a day of the week

 ” The trouble is, you think you have time” Buddha.

(or someone else, there is a bit of a discussion in Google …)

The truth is, I am starting to be a bit tired of hearing that famous phrase that goes “how old are you? oh! 24?!! You are sooo young to accomplish anything you want…”  followed by “You still have plenty of time, don’t worry”.

Well, no, I haven’t, you haven’t, nobody does. There is time for everything, obviously, there is no need to rush. But, as we say, “Don’t leave until tomorrow what you can do today”.

And my favourite one, to continue with the quotes, “The time is NOW” ( I saw it in a wall of a building in London like a sign from Destiny). I guess that, what this means is, do not wait any more time to be happy and be making things that make you happy. Do them, right now, meanwhile you get to your aims. Enjoy every moment, every path to get to anywhere.

I am definitely not pretending to be your adviser, therefore don’t take my words literally if you are about to decide something or give a big step to somewhere. I wouldn’t like to feel guilty for pushing anybody.

However, what I am trying to say is don’t delay, don’t find excuses, don’t find comfort in where you are, waiting for a miracle, for something to happen or even for Harry Potter’s owl to tell you that you are a magician. That is NOT going to happen. You need to give an step, stand for yourself or things will not happen on their own.

Also, I didn’t want to leave you to your fate, so, as a little help for whenever you feel lost without knowing what to do, take account of this quote (yes, another one :P) by Albert Einstein:

“Inspiration has to find you working”

I leave its interpretation to your own thoughts.

Even if I didn’t mean to give you any advice through this post, I did try to cheer you up a bit.


Hope it did work, anyway.