How to travel around and get the most of it :)

Well, I´m back again but with a bit change of a topic. I´ve decided to write about one of the things that I love most, travelling.

I think what I love about travelling is not only being in the place and enjoying, but also planning, expecting, reading about it, getting ready, and of course sharing what I’ve seen and what I’ve learnt afterwards 🙂 And of course if someone else has a different experience or adventure to share about the same place, let’s all share the love and learn from each other! 😀

I’ve decided that I don’t want to just go, see, visit, tick that X place and come back to my life. As time goes by I realise I am myself because of all my experiences, and of course, travelling is all about experiencing. So if I am going to learn, taste, smell, live (in) the places I go to, why not sharing it with you guys?  I believe that pictures are overrated when you travel because, yeah, you can see a monument, a wall a palace and it’s okay. However, it’s all about the history behind or the stories you can tell you lived when you were there or even how you felt when you were there which make them awesome.

And because people want to know about this as well and I don’t want to forget about any of the moments in all these places I decided to write about them here.

So if you want to know about how Tel Aviv and Jerusalem changed the Maria I am now, join me and stay tuned.

P.S: I will try and share the love both in English and Spanish 😉 and maybe at some point in Basque haha.

Have a nice day full of adventures and discoveries!



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