Time will tell the tale

After a year of changes and development where writing wasn’t involved, I decided to make this up by writing more this year.

What I have recently discovered is that life is not something that controls you, life is something that you live and again that YOU live. So I have found myself lately complaining how bad everything went one day or one week and I tried and added stupid little things to the list of “bad things” that this “life” brought to make ME feel more miserable.

But hey, I’m going to tell you a secret, there is something called “option” or “choice”, I mean some things in life will go well some things in life will not go that well and I know you cannot change those things, don’t get me wrong, but what it is in YOUR hands is the OPTION to CHOOSE how to take this things and how to react about them.

Let’s make this a bit more fun with some examples, they might be not as important as other examples but they happened to me so I can talk about them.

Some months ago in November I would say I went to Malaga and bought some clothes in a “random” shop and they had a problem on their system so they charged me twice the same transaction even though I only bought stuff once. Anyway I left and when I came back to England I found that they had charged me twice. So I thought well this is a problem how do I sort it out? I was feeling life was unfair for what it happened to me but let’s try to fix it. What happened next is that I called the shop spending money and wasting time, I went to my bank and gave notice and in the end after having spent 3 months giving official complaints and so on, my bank messaged me saying they were sorry but they couldn’t help.

My answer to this was to feel angry, obviously, I was loosing 60 quid, but then I thought that forgetting about it would be the best. Finally, after Christmas I had a transaction from the shop giving it back to me !! 🙂 And this made me think of how much time I had spent trying to fix this and if it was worth it. Then I thought what every person older than you tends to say  “Time will tell the tale”. And they are totally right, I guess you have to experience it first to believe 🙂

However coming back to what I was making the point of, I had the options of

1. Complain forever about it.

2. Complain a bit but try to fix it mainly.

3. Be conformist and forget it.

So please don’t blame Life or the world for what happens but try to make the most of it and choose right always with a smile.



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