Titles? No, thanks

Titles, names, classifications, designations… We love using them. People seem to be happier when they name things, relationships or even moments of life. I literally feel that this  naming habit often makes us waste our time and not enjoying things fully. However, I kind of understand that some people feel much more calm when they know what they are on about or in which moment of their life they are, by giving it a name.

One of my best friends has always remembered me the importance of having aims in life. It is true that if you have a goal you will be more focused on what you want and, therefore, you will be more confident in yourself and more successful than someone that does not have any targets. On the other hand, I reckon not knowing what you want is stressful, but it has a hint of adventure and exciting uncertainty that make your life more worthy of being lived. Blame me, I am a “seize the day” sort of person, I guess.

So as I said, and despite of all the perks of having aims in life, I have never been a person of clear future ideas. As much as I try I wouldn’t be able to even think what I want to be doing next week so I can’t imagine me thinking three years in advance, for instance.

That is why, even if I’d rather be living moments, than thinking about them and classifying them, I am going to make an effort and accept that I have a title to my year 2013.

This year is going to be the one in which I realise the importance of stopping, breathing and taking decisions. The one when I have learnt that going backwards or just chilling out, instead of keeping going, have nothing wrong on it. Sometimes is even necessary.

Consequently, this is the year in which I stopped, I chilled out, I enjoyed every moment and I came back with much more positivism, good energy and strong attitude.

Whatever happens, it would be worth it, just because I am risking and trying 🙂

So which is your title to describe your 2013, then?


One thought on “Titles? No, thanks

  1. “One of my best friends has always remembered me the importance of having aims in life” Who’s that annoying friend?? I would kill her/him! lol
    I think we don’t like to make choices but it’s part of the journey too, and even if we take a wrong path we learn from it, so don’t be scared.
    This is your year Mary! 🙂


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