How to travel around and get the most of it :)

Well, I´m back again but with a bit change of a topic. I´ve decided to write about one of the things that I love most, travelling.

I think what I love about travelling is not only being in the place and enjoying, but also planning, expecting, reading about it, getting ready, and of course sharing what I’ve seen and what I’ve learnt afterwards 🙂 And of course if someone else has a different experience or adventure to share about the same place, let’s all share the love and learn from each other! 😀

I’ve decided that I don’t want to just go, see, visit, tick that X place and come back to my life. As time goes by I realise I am myself because of all my experiences, and of course, travelling is all about experiencing. So if I am going to learn, taste, smell, live (in) the places I go to, why not sharing it with you guys?  I believe that pictures are overrated when you travel because, yeah, you can see a monument, a wall a palace and it’s okay. However, it’s all about the history behind or the stories you can tell you lived when you were there or even how you felt when you were there which make them awesome.

And because people want to know about this as well and I don’t want to forget about any of the moments in all these places I decided to write about them here.

So if you want to know about how Tel Aviv and Jerusalem changed the Maria I am now, join me and stay tuned.

P.S: I will try and share the love both in English and Spanish 😉 and maybe at some point in Basque haha.

Have a nice day full of adventures and discoveries!


Time will tell the tale

After a year of changes and development where writing wasn’t involved, I decided to make this up by writing more this year.

What I have recently discovered is that life is not something that controls you, life is something that you live and again that YOU live. So I have found myself lately complaining how bad everything went one day or one week and I tried and added stupid little things to the list of “bad things” that this “life” brought to make ME feel more miserable.

But hey, I’m going to tell you a secret, there is something called “option” or “choice”, I mean some things in life will go well some things in life will not go that well and I know you cannot change those things, don’t get me wrong, but what it is in YOUR hands is the OPTION to CHOOSE how to take this things and how to react about them.

Let’s make this a bit more fun with some examples, they might be not as important as other examples but they happened to me so I can talk about them.

Some months ago in November I would say I went to Malaga and bought some clothes in a “random” shop and they had a problem on their system so they charged me twice the same transaction even though I only bought stuff once. Anyway I left and when I came back to England I found that they had charged me twice. So I thought well this is a problem how do I sort it out? I was feeling life was unfair for what it happened to me but let’s try to fix it. What happened next is that I called the shop spending money and wasting time, I went to my bank and gave notice and in the end after having spent 3 months giving official complaints and so on, my bank messaged me saying they were sorry but they couldn’t help.

My answer to this was to feel angry, obviously, I was loosing 60 quid, but then I thought that forgetting about it would be the best. Finally, after Christmas I had a transaction from the shop giving it back to me !! 🙂 And this made me think of how much time I had spent trying to fix this and if it was worth it. Then I thought what every person older than you tends to say  “Time will tell the tale”. And they are totally right, I guess you have to experience it first to believe 🙂

However coming back to what I was making the point of, I had the options of

1. Complain forever about it.

2. Complain a bit but try to fix it mainly.

3. Be conformist and forget it.

So please don’t blame Life or the world for what happens but try to make the most of it and choose right always with a smile.


I don’t know why I might sometimes be too excited about things that I shouldn’t, but maybe this is the secret of my happiness in life. Blame me 🙂

Anyway, I wonder when I started to realise that life is all about now, and started to feel the power to achieve things, which is just about knowing that there won’t be any other time to do something or to see someone or to share a moment or a laugh with someone (blame Christmas for the cheesiness..).

Probably living abroad and missing people, or much better, moments with people, was the key.

All in all, I just wanted to share with you one of those videos that make me (and probably you) want to pack and go and touch the pyramids, climb the Himalayas, shout “echo echo” in Machu Pichu or even come back to this blog and write something…because day by day our time is running out.

Enjoy your NOW!

Titles? No, thanks

Titles, names, classifications, designations… We love using them. People seem to be happier when they name things, relationships or even moments of life. I literally feel that this  naming habit often makes us waste our time and not enjoying things fully. However, I kind of understand that some people feel much more calm when they know what they are on about or in which moment of their life they are, by giving it a name.

One of my best friends has always remembered me the importance of having aims in life. It is true that if you have a goal you will be more focused on what you want and, therefore, you will be more confident in yourself and more successful than someone that does not have any targets. On the other hand, I reckon not knowing what you want is stressful, but it has a hint of adventure and exciting uncertainty that make your life more worthy of being lived. Blame me, I am a “seize the day” sort of person, I guess.

So as I said, and despite of all the perks of having aims in life, I have never been a person of clear future ideas. As much as I try I wouldn’t be able to even think what I want to be doing next week so I can’t imagine me thinking three years in advance, for instance.

That is why, even if I’d rather be living moments, than thinking about them and classifying them, I am going to make an effort and accept that I have a title to my year 2013.

This year is going to be the one in which I realise the importance of stopping, breathing and taking decisions. The one when I have learnt that going backwards or just chilling out, instead of keeping going, have nothing wrong on it. Sometimes is even necessary.

Consequently, this is the year in which I stopped, I chilled out, I enjoyed every moment and I came back with much more positivism, good energy and strong attitude.

Whatever happens, it would be worth it, just because I am risking and trying 🙂

So which is your title to describe your 2013, then?

Someday is not a day of the week

 ” The trouble is, you think you have time” Buddha.

(or someone else, there is a bit of a discussion in Google …)

The truth is, I am starting to be a bit tired of hearing that famous phrase that goes “how old are you? oh! 24?!! You are sooo young to accomplish anything you want…”  followed by “You still have plenty of time, don’t worry”.

Well, no, I haven’t, you haven’t, nobody does. There is time for everything, obviously, there is no need to rush. But, as we say, “Don’t leave until tomorrow what you can do today”.

And my favourite one, to continue with the quotes, “The time is NOW” ( I saw it in a wall of a building in London like a sign from Destiny). I guess that, what this means is, do not wait any more time to be happy and be making things that make you happy. Do them, right now, meanwhile you get to your aims. Enjoy every moment, every path to get to anywhere.

I am definitely not pretending to be your adviser, therefore don’t take my words literally if you are about to decide something or give a big step to somewhere. I wouldn’t like to feel guilty for pushing anybody.

However, what I am trying to say is don’t delay, don’t find excuses, don’t find comfort in where you are, waiting for a miracle, for something to happen or even for Harry Potter’s owl to tell you that you are a magician. That is NOT going to happen. You need to give an step, stand for yourself or things will not happen on their own.

Also, I didn’t want to leave you to your fate, so, as a little help for whenever you feel lost without knowing what to do, take account of this quote (yes, another one :P) by Albert Einstein:

“Inspiration has to find you working”

I leave its interpretation to your own thoughts.

Even if I didn’t mean to give you any advice through this post, I did try to cheer you up a bit.


Hope it did work, anyway.

The bright side of life

Today I learnt a new lesson. Life was my teacher. Again.

I booked my flight tickets to go home for holiday. Everything normal there, except for when I paid my tickets and they took my money from my bank account, they didn’t send me the confirmation email of the booking. That was the moment when I started panicking.

I made myself an expert of the airline, had a look at the telephone numbers to call them, find a way to email them, but everything seemed to be against me. They would keep me waiting in vain for an answer in the telephone, charging me a lovely extra fee, just in case I wasn’t annoyed enough… 

So, basically, in the end, I had two options:

            1 keep stressing even if I couldn’t make anything else but wait for their answer to my email thinking my day is screwed or

            2 have a nap (yes, I know, very Spanish…), just keep doing things,  with a bad mood, but well, let’s give a chance to their efficiency 😉

So obviously I pushed myself to go to the gym (I even treated myself with some sauna today, just for the stressed suffered) and hey ho when I was leaving the gym the confirmation email arrived! 🙂

After then, the sun was shining at the end of the day and I even found some courgettes that I needed in offer at the supermarket! Life started to be beautiful again! 🙂

Therefore, first of all, we should try (me the most!) to be patient, shi* happens and we need to leave the master Time to work and fix it for us. Second of all “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” so in the case that this happens to you, guys, I swear I have learnt something from it and I’ll be there to tell you “don’t you worry, I once had this problem as well and…” 

Finally, last but not least, things in life happen, because that is how it works. Sometimes we can avoid them, but most of the times, they are not under our control. So the only difference we can make, is how we react when they happen, and I promise that is a huuuuge difference.

Consequently, I cheer you up to use this knowledge with any of your life experiences and always surround yourself by people that are very calm and relaxed, just in case all that I have just told you does not work…


Why not?

We always tend to find reasons for everything, why do you choose this instead of that or even the famous question we try and make when changes happen “why did this happen to me?”.

But maybe we should not ask ourselves that much “why?” and, in its place, just ask ourselves “what for?” which would be definitely more helpful 🙂

Some might say that everything happens for a reason, something I completely agree. However, the aim of my first post is to admit I don’t have any reasons and I want to write this blog, just for the sake of it. Just because I want to enjoy writing it, because all those stupid inspiring little things that happen in my life can’t be forgotten without being mentioned somewhere, because I want you to enjoy reading it and because “sharing is caring” so maybe this exchange of words with the world makes us learn things from each other.

Right, I wasn’t looking for “reasons” but there we go, I’ve just listed 4 of them… 😉